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ModelWire is a global leader in online model management and provides agents with the tools required to effectively streamline their workflow. From imaging and packaging to online booking and invoicing, everything an agency needs to do business is available 24/7. We understand that industry success is a combination of image and productivity, and our goal is to provide you with all you need to succeed.


Joey HunterModelWire was founded in the late 90’s to meet the needs of an industry searching for an easier and faster way to deliver portfolios. In 2002, Joey Hunter joined the company as President, bringing years of experience as a top agent with him. Soon after Joey’s arrival, ModelWire’s local booking system was released, allowing agents to maintain client calendars and generate invoices all in one place. ModelWire was acquired by Casting Networks in 2008, delivering exclusive Casting Networks projects to ModelWire agents. In 2014, ModelWire launched Web Booking Pro at IMTA New York and introduced a new mobile-friendly design, allowing agents to work from anywhere. The company plans to release website templates and a new package presentation layer in the months ahead.


ModelWire aims to be the most helpful and versatile model management and booking application by linking agents, models, and industry professionals wherever, whenever, and however they choose.

Featured Photographer

Fitz Carlile

Fitz CarlileFitz is an emerging portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer based out of Los Angeles. He comes from a long line of artists and photographers in his family who taught him to always channel his creative energy into productive pursuits.

As a keen observer of people, Fitz is frequently complimented by his clients for 'imagining just the right type of portrait' - one that tells their story, that represents their energy, and expresses a complex statement in a simple format.

With a background in Advertising and branding, Fitz brings great value and experience to the client table when defining art direction, mood and style that reflects not only the spirit of the client's energy, but also targeting the right approach in line with business objetives.

His work has been featured in local, regional, and national campaigns, including both print and broadcast television, and straddles the disciplines of lifestyle, fashion and advertising.

When not shooting, Fitz also runs a boutique web agency and is a Certified Personal Trainer with a heavy investment in the sport and nutrition world.


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